Mission Statement
eSourcePartnerships™ Is a Development Platform who's mission is to Advance long term Partnerships that work within a "Business Projects Matrix" allowing every Partner the ability to partake in Profit Sharing derived from the entire Venture.

eSourcePartnerships™ Envisions a partnership that embraces, embodies, and expresses success in your life.
eSourcePartnerships™ takes innovative ideas and turns them into profitable businesses doing this differently than any other group. We become your Partner and do not outsource any part of future business set up and ongoing running of the business. We are not a matching service.

eSourcePartnerships™ provides more than just financial backing. As you know, there is much more to business than providing financial investment. We provide a true partnership allowing you to focus and concentrate your efforts on what you do best. eSourcePartnerships™ accomplishes this by going through a step-by-step process. First by identifying, then determining what it is that we feel you need and we, in turn, can provide for you.
eSourcePartnerships™ looks at all ideas, no matter what industry. All potential partnerships will be considered without regard to race, national origin, gender, or age and we are teaming with both individuals and groups. Small business, big business, national, or international partnerships are welcome.

eSourcePartnerships™ creates opportunities for you to build your own business, not giving away your ideas and talent to some large corporation, just to be swallowed, stuck, and under-appreciated. We realize that once successful partnerships are achieved it may evolve into your ultimate moments, creating breakthroughs that can define your career and fulfill your life with lasting significance.
eSourcePartnerships™ excels in blending your talent, ideas, and strengths into a team partnership that creates purpose, helping you achieve a pathway to having the greatest probability for a successful business. Our best efforts combined with yours become far greater and more satisfying than what we can achieve alone. Partnerships flow with ambition, power, cooperation, and emotion. These are keys to making your dreams come true.

eSourcePartnerships™ believes that one of the most profound basics of all is hard work. People have great ideas, but sometimes they do not have the expertise to translate those ideas into reality. Sometimes problems can be solved by unlikely people. Diverse minds within a startup or existing business you’re interested in expanding is important in feeding creativity and innovation.

eSourcePartnerships™ is looking to help people form successful businesses contributing to the improvement of the world focusing on advancing entrepreneurship through partnerships. Together our union will be a driver of growth and innovation in our society.

eSourcePartnerships™ is fully committed to seek out what you need and balance that with what we know. Also, we are determined to find answers if we don't know. Our desire is to apply your knowledge, talents, and abilities along with ours to devise a partnership that creates long-term success in developing your entrepreneurial spirit.

eSourcePartnerships™ knows that there is no use in going after opportunities unless you can deliver. We deliver. Our architecture is flexible, so now is the time to assess if forming a partnership is for you. We are looking to fill the voids and become your partner collaborating with people not just ideas or products.

eSourcePartnerships™ provides startup capital, but if that is all you are looking for then eSourcePartnerships™ is not for you.
We don't want to reinvent the wheel. Our goal is to use the best resources available to create the best possible results by partnering with the right businesses, individuals & entrepreneurs.
We bring a new perspective, new experiences and new qualifications to every business as a team. We can achieve much more than any individual could ever dream to accomplish on their own.
We find new resources, new ideas and bring innovation to every business to achieve growth and expansion that would not otherwise be possible without countless experts and heavy investment.
Many businesses come without reward when outside help, legal, accounting and technology eat up the profits. Our program maximizes profits and rewards for everyone involved they can enjoy success anytime they like.